Dr. Julia Harz

Dr. Julia Harz

Emmy Noether Research Group Leader

Technical University of Munich (TUM)

I am a theoretical physicist at the Technical University of Munich, Germany. Since October 2018, I am an Emmy Noether Research Group Leader and TUM Junior Fellow.

The focus of my research group lies at the interface between particle physics, astroparticle physics and particle cosmology. We aim to make progress in the quest of uncovering the origin of the baryon asymmetry of our Universe, the nature of dark matter and the mechanism that generates neutrino masses. We devise new methods to test different models with complementary experiments, aim to improve the precision of related theoretical calculations and develop new ideas to explain these three phenomena.

We are part of the Theoretical Physics of the Early Universe Group at the Physics Department of the Technical University of Munich. I am affiliated to the SFB1258 and the Origins Cluster.