One-loop corrections to neutralino-stop coannihilation revisited


textlessptextgreaterWe discuss the textlessinline-formulatextgreatertextlessmml:math display="inline"textgreatertextlessmml:mi mathvariant="script"textgreaterOtextless/mml:mitextgreatertextlessmml:mo stretchy="false"textgreater(textless/mml:motextgreatertextlessmml:msubtextgreatertextlessmml:mitextgreaterαtextless/mml:mitextgreatertextlessmml:mitextgreaterstextless/mml:mitextgreatertextless/mml:msubtextgreatertextlessmml:mo stretchy="false"textgreater)textless/mml:motextgreatertextless/mml:mathtextgreatertextless/inline-formulatextgreater supersymmetric QCD corrections to neutralino-stop coannihilation into a top quark and a gluon in the minimal supersymmetric Standard Model (MSSM). This particular channel can be numerically important in wide ranges of the MSSM parameter space with rather light stops. We discuss technical details such as the renormalization scheme and the phase-space slicing method with two cutoffs. We also comment on improvements with respect to earlier works on the given process. Further, we study for the first time the phenomenologically very interesting interplay of neutralino-stop coannihilation with neutralino-pair annihilation into quark pairs taking the full next-to-leading order SUSY-QCD corrections into account. We demonstrate that the numerical impact of these corrections on the total (co)annihilation cross section and finally on the theoretically predicted neutralino relic density is significant.textless/ptextgreater